April Instagram Feeders

5 Fav #Feeders of Instagram – April

Celebrating our favorite #Feeders on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through other people. These 5 #Feeders cook, eat and live well, to say the least.



The Feeder: @huntgathercook: hank shaw Cookbook author who writes the James Beard award-winning blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. I fish, forage, hunt & cook! http://bit.ly/1Kk0Leq

Why we love @huntgathercook: Hank is not your typical Feeder. Sure, he cooks, but for Hank it’s more about the adventure that leads up to the meal. His Instagram feed has beautiful photos of foraged treasures (flowers, berries, roots, greens), wild game and everything that comes of it in his kitchen. It’s educational too and you’ll find yourself learning about ingredients you never even knew existed, let alone were edible.



The Feeder: @billtelepan: Chef/Owner of Telepan restaurant in NYC & Executive Chef of @Wellnessintheschools

Why we love @billtelepan: Bill Telepan opened his namesake restaurant on the Upper West Side in 2005. Since the beginning, Bill has been a strong proponent of using local ingredients and has great relationships with many of the area’s best farmers. Bill is also the Executive Chef for an amazing non-profit organization called Wellness in the Schools. He’s extremely passionate about improving the food in public schools, not only educating the children, but also those preparing the school lunches. What started as a mission in his own daughter’s school has now expanded to three states and it’s probably not stopping there.




The Feeder: @earlpdx: Earl Ninsom Chef/owner at Langbaan & Paadee in Portland, OR. ‘Growing better, not bigger’ T. Hass, BC.
“คิดกว้าง มองไกล ทำใกล้” http://www.langbaanpdx.com

Why we love @earlpdx: Chef Earl may very well be one of the nicest chefs in Portland. He’s sincere and extremely humble; you’d never know he has one of the hardest to get into restaurants in the city (Langbaan is currently booked out for the foreseeable future) or is the first chef to receive a 4 star review from The Oregonian. Following Earl on Instagram gives you great insight into a chef’s life: the food, the travel, the restaurant and his family life. If you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Earl personally, you can get to know him a little through @earlpdx.




The Feeder: @chefjeremyfox: Jeremy Fox Chef @rcwinebar in Santa Monica.

Why we love @chefjeremyfox: After leaving the Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu in Napa in 2010, everyone was interested to see where Chef Jeremy Fox would eventually land. He quietly settled into Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon Wine Bar almost 2 years ago. He’s been working outside of the “celebrity chef” spotlight (you’ll understand why after reading the Spring 2015 Lucky Peach article “Fantastic Mr Fox”) but Jeremy’s food is still as intriguing and beautiful as ever.




The Feeder: @liholihoyachtclub: LYC ——> Grind – Talk story – Get jag

Why we love @liholihoyachtclub: We’re obsessed with Liholiho Yacht Club. No, really. It’s incredibly delicious food in the most fun atmosphere. We’ve known Chef Ravi and his amazing wife April for some time and have been anticipating this restaurant finding a home and finally coming to life. And it’s even better than we thought possible. If you happen to be in San Francisco, you have to go #GetJag at Liholiho Yacht Club. In the meantime, follow them @liholihoyachtclub.

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