5 Fav #Feeders of Instagram – December

Celebrating our favorite #Feeders on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to live vicariously through other people. These 5 #Feeders cook, eat and live well, to say the least.


David Varley

The Feeder: @DWVarley: David Varley Chef, bon vivant, lover of life and all things beautiful. Every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast.

Why we love @DWVarley: David recently retired from his jet-setting life as Michael Mina’s corporate chef and settled into the kitchen at Mina’s RN74 in Seattle, taking up residence on a houseboat in the harbor. He still makes the time to get out hunting, camping, fishing on the river and to throw tailgate parties for the SF Giants. Living that #goodlife.



Timothy Hollingsworth

The Feeder: @Chef_Timothy: Timothy Hollingsworth Twitter ☞ @chef_timothy @barrelandashes

Why we love @Chef_Timothy: After being in the kitchen at The French Laundry for over a decade, Timothy Hollingsworth relocated to Los Angeles. It’s been great to watch him transition into finding his own groove and recently opening Barrel and Ashes, a BBQ spot in Studio City. We have a feeling this is only the beginning.



Justin Severino

The Feeder: @JustinSeverino: Justin Severino Chef and owner of @curepittsburgh. Crazy cat lady.

Why we love @JustinSeverino: Justin gets around. When he’s not in the kitchen at Cure, he’s off cooking with other fun-loving chefs in Canada, NYC or California. Justin also hosts a #Cureated dinner series where he invites other chefs to come play in his kitchen in Pittsburgh. Morcilla, his new restaurant set to open in early 2015, will be a Spanish-style tapas spot. Which calls for an R&D trip to Spain…



Jenn Louis

The Feeder: @JennLouis: Jenn Louis Chef, Portland, Ore. Author, Pasta by Hand. twitter: jennlouisPDX

Why we love @JennLouis: Jenn Louis and her husband David Welch have been on the food scene in Portland for much longer than the average. Between their catering company Culinary Artistry and two restaurants Lincoln and Sunshine Tavern, they’re a busy duo. Jenn’s commitment to local ingredients, farmers and producers shines through in her photos and adventures. You should follow along.



Jamie Bissonnette

The Feeder: @JamieBiss: Jamie Bissonnette Eat offal, listen to hardcore, dance hard or die. Toro & Coppa Boston. Toro NYC

Why we love @JamieBiss: Jamie Bissonnette is killing it. Following his Instagram is pretty much the only way you’d be able to keep up. Between his three restaurants in NYC and Boston and the insane amount of events he’s been involved in recently, he’s everywhere all the time. But it looks like he’s having a great time doing it, to say the least. P.S. If you haven’t watched the recent Chefs Night Out (Vice Munchies) video with Jamie, do it now.

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