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Camas Country Mill & Hunton Farms, Eugene, OR

Camas Country Mill & Hunton Farms, Eugene, OR

Feeders: The Hunton Family: Tom & Sue Hunton and Jason Hunton, Hunton Farms & Camas Country Mill

Established: Hunton Farms – 1950, Camas Country Mill – 2011

The Farm: 3rd generation family farm near Junction City – started in 1952 by Everett & Ellen Hunton – now 3000 acres in production – 500 acres in food crop production
The Mill: First operational mill in the Willamette Valley in over 80 years – stone mills grains from Hunton Farms and some other partner farms creating whole grain products

What They Seed: beans, lentils & grains: cedar lentils, brown pardina lentils, garbanzos, barley, emmer, dark northern rye, farro, spelt, red fife wheat, hard white spring wheat, buckwheat, brown teff – fields are conventional, transitional or organic; also grass seed and cover crop seed
What They Feed: stone ground whole grain flours, whole grains, cereals, baking mixes & legumes

Where You Can Find Them:
At the Mill: Camas Country Mill Store
Farmers Markets: Springfield Farmers Market (Friday)
Retail: Capella Market, Sundance Natural Foods, The Kiva, Market of Choice, The OG Corner Market, Red Barn Natural Grocery
Wholesale: Hummingbird Wholesale, GloryBee Foods

Feeders They Supply:
Restaurants: Lardo, Party Downtown, Excelsior, Agrarian Ales, Belly Restaurant, Holy Cow Cafe
Bakeries: Tabor Bread, Grand Central Baking Co, 100 Mile Bakery, Eugene City Bakery, The Bread Stop, Creswell Bakery, New Day Bakery

Their Story:
Everett and Ellen Hunton founded Hunton Farms in 1950. They bought the original acreage with money saved up while Everett was serving in the military. Their first crop was 240 acres of ryegrass. Over the years the farm has grown to include additional leased acreage and they have grown everything from forage crops, grass seed and vegetables to raising cattle and Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys for hatch eggs. Ellen and Everett’s son Tom became involved in farming at a young age, eventually taking over operations. Tom’s own son Jason joined his father at Hunton Farms in 2009, with a degree in agricultural economics from Colorado State University and after having worked a number of farming and import/export related jobs around the country.
In 2008, around the time of the economic downturn, which was also affecting the prices of commodity crops and Hunton Farm, Tom was motivated to re-evaluate and refocus the farm. He realized that there were hungry people right here in Oregon that needed the staples. Ninety-five percent of the wheat being grown in the Willamette Valley was commodity crop and being shipped out of the state and often overseas. Why not diversify the farm and transition to growing more food crops for the local and regional market? With the production of these new wheat crops, there was suddenly a need for a place to mill it, which Tom also took on himself. With the help of Hummingbird Wholesale and the city of Eugene on funding and strategy, The Camas Country Mill opened in 2011. Since then a number of other local commodity crop farms have also transitioned into food crop production and The Camas Country Mill has processed over 2 million pounds of flour.

“I’ve got a whole new education from hanging out with farmers” – Stephanie, retired teacher that works at The Camas Country Mill
“Have you ever been to Vegas?” “Sure we have, everyday we wake up and we gamble” – Ellen Hunton on farming
“He lived it and he loved it, and that’s what it takes” – Ellen Hunton on her late husband Everett Hunton

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